UNIX Consulting and development services.

Elde Solutions is a company with a history of delivering reliable solutions to difficult problems. We always have focus on low-maintainence solutions, and prefer deploying stable solutions where our customers are self-sufficient for all day-to-day and regular tasks. When they need us, we're there.


Security reviews, establishing operational security routines, and even penetrationtesting. We have experience with most aspects of computer- and informationsecurity.


We have over a decade of experience deploying and maintaining various solutions on UNIX platforms, spanning from simple webservers, through storage system to custom backoffice engines.


Whether you need integration or bugfixing done, or want a built-from-scratch solution, we can help.


New clients
2008-12-11 Our services are in great demand, and we can't always take on all the business we're offered. If your're in need of our services, don't hesitate to get in touch. If we can't help ourselves, we probably know someone who can.
Webpage launched
2008-12-09 Elde Solutions finally takes the leap into online presense, and launches own web page.
DNS Test toolkit
2008-12-05 Work has started on a DNS test and validation toolkit. Check back for updates.


Elde Solutions
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